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Save? Who, me?

Oink oink.

It’s me again, SPACES’ money-grubbing development manager. It seems like  everyone I talk to these days has cash on the brain. Some are resolving to save more in 2010, and others are stressed about paying off holiday credit card bills. I flip on the radio after a long day of begging for funds, and all of the stories obsess over the economy in general.

The same holds true here in the gallery. We’re topical. Get a load of this:

One of our current exhibitions, Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics, reflects on artists who work amidst depressed economies and how that impacts artistic process, compensation and artistic property. Fortunately for SPACES, Art Work was funded by Lauren Rich Fine & Gary Giller and the John P. Murphy Foundation.

Our next exhibition, ” … in a most dangerous manner”, takes its title from a passage in Karl Marx’s Das Kapital:

Talk about centralisation! The credit system, which has its focus in the so-called national banks and the big money-lenders and usurers surrounding them, constitutes enormous centralisation, and gives to this class of parasites the fabulous power, not only to periodically despoil industrial capitalists, but also to interfere in actual production in a most dangerous manner — and this gang knows nothing about production and has nothing to do with it. [emphasis mine]

Need I mention that this exhibition includes work that —  in one way or another — touches on capitalism and/or economic collapse?

SPACES brings Northeast Ohio artists a chance to build on their creative capital through SPACELab, a forum for experimentation that comes with a small $tipend (emphasis on small). We’re accepting applications now through March 31!

And while all of the lovely programming folks at SPACES make their hard-earned dollars organizing art, I get mine filling out hundreds and hundreds of questions for the Ohio Cultural Data Project. It’s due January 15, and funders claim that it will streamline the funding process for participants, as well as provide valuable data for demonstrating the economic impact of the arts in Ohio.

And finalllly … I can’t forget to mention the talented artists in Cuyahoga County who are receiving Creative Workforce Fellowships. These awards were announced last month by the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture here in Cleveland. Talk about a cash infusion! Congratulations!

Wishing all of you a prosperous 2010!

~ posted by Sarah McGreer Hoyt, Development Manager


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#DailyArtDose Round-Up

Closing out 2009: No worries! We have loads of artists, sites, and projects coming to you in 2010. We continue to be the cure for your daily art needs.

  • Past SPACELab artist Jean Alexander Frater:
  • Andrea Loefke:
  • Learning to Love You More:
  • You Are Beautiful:
  • Susan Hamburger:
  • Kyung Woo Han:
  • Posterchild’s marriage proposal:
  • 20×200 (Great gift idea while supporting emerging artists): 20×
  • SPACES alum Tara Giannini:
  • The First/Last Newspaper:; sample it here:
  • Claire Pentecost:
  • Judy Pfaff:
  • Sarah Ross’ Art + Research:
  • Nicole Garneau:
  • D’Lo:
  • Cody Critcheloe=SSION:; Art in America:
  • Lee Walton:
  • SPACELab ’97 Nora Sturges:
  • Tristan Perch:
  • Former SPACELab artist Reed Anderson:
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    As the SPACELab turns

    Joshua Parker, Champion, 2009, kinetic sculpture made from manipulated and found objects, beer, bongwater, french-fry grease and a picture of the champion's (Michael Phelps) mother

    If you were able to stop by the gallery in the past couple months you have probably experienced the first four projects created through our newly revamped SPACELab program. As we say good-bye to the fall season, it is time to welcome the next four Northeast Ohio artists set to experiment and create new projects in 2010.

    Horse Depiction* - Johansen

    Wes Johansen

    Living and working in Cleveland, Johansen has presented projects at Asterisk Gallery, Ingenuity Festival, Heights Arts and Loft 305. A barista by day and installation artist by night, Johansen has been working with themes of technology and nostalgia throughout his career as an artist.

    Horse depiction* - Kulscar

    Chris Kulcsar

    In 2008 Kulcsar received his MFA from the University of Cincinnati before returning to his hometown of Cleveland where he teaches at Lakeland Community College. Working in both audio and visual art forms, Kulscar relies on spontaneity, instinct and gut reactions as indispensable parts of his process.

    Horse depiction* - Parker

    Joshua Parker

    Parker is currently working on his masters at Kent State University where he also received his BFA in sculpture. As an artist, he produces things that he would want to see which often results in fantastical multi-media installations.

    Horse depiction* - Slawson

    Corrie Slawson

    Printer and painter, Corrie Slawson graduated with a BFA from Parsons School of Design and with an MFA from Kent State University. Her interest in abandoned space and society’s arbitrary value systems led her to co-found the online journal Hotel Bruce and continues to inform her artistic practice.

    Only time will tell what these individuals will create, but there will be many opportunities for public interaction with both the artists and their projects. If you miss any of the artists’ projects you can find links on the SPACELab archives and for the kick-off of this season check out the 2009 fall issue of Cleveland Magazine.

    Many thanks to the SPACELab committee members for all of your help during the revamping of this program.

    *SPACELab applicants were asked to “depict a horse in the box” as part of the application. Not meant to make or break someone’s acceptance into the program, the horse box acted as a fun exercise to mix up the stiff structure of application forms.

    –Susan Vincent, SPACELab Manager

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    #DailyArtDose Round-Up

    Potter-Belmar Labs performing live at Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo, NY, August 2009
    PBL will be visiting SPACES Thursday, December 10 for a live performance! Don’t miss it.

    Catching you up to speed …

  • Mary Magsamen (Co-Existing and Co-Llaborating Curator) & Stephen Hillerbrand:
  • Temporary Services (Currently exhibiting and distributing Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics):
  • Lutz Bacher:
  • Ellen Harvey:
  • Kate Budd:
  • Julia Christensen’s Big Box Reuse:
  • Futurefarmers (Contributors to Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics):
  • Former SWAP Artist Frances Whitehead:
  • Jason Byers:
  • TR Ericsson:
  • Potter-Belmar Labs (featured in Co-Existing and Co-Llaborating):
  • Duke and Battersby (featured in Co-Existing and Co-Llaborating):
  • Luis Gispert:
  • Watts House Project:
  • Former SPACELab Artist BJ Vogt
  • Erica Duffy Voss:
  • Mitch Cope:
  • Just Seeds: Visual Resistance Artists Cooperative (Contributors to Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics):
  • Travis Hanmer:
  • Sarah Paul:
  • Steve Lambert:
  • For your heart-healthy #DailyArtDose, follow us on Twitter and become our fan on Facebook.

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    Gettin’ Down With Dee


    Listen in as SPACES ED Christopher Lynn talks about the upcoming fall exhibitions on WCPN’s Around Noon with Dee Perry. Lots covered: The Plum Academy: An Institute for Situated Practices, SPACELab artists Elaine Hullihen and Mark Moskovitz, and SWAP artist Jiří Surůvka.
    WCPN 90.3 FM
    Aired Monday, August 24, 2009(37:55)

    It’s Dee-lightful!

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